Thrombophilia in Pregnancy

By on May 24, 2022

words, people with either an inherited (genetic) or acquired condition (disease) resulting in an increased risk of developing a blood clot.  In pregnancy, it has been linked to recurrent pregnancy loss, late miscarriages, stillbirth, fetal growth restriction, and preeclampsia. There are many factors involved and large amounts of information about thrombophilia in pregnancy.  For this


PPROM: Preterm Premature Rupture of Membranes

By on December 6, 2021

An unmistakable sign that you’re going into labor is the sudden release of amniotic fluid through the vagina, commonly known as your water breaking. In normal pregnancies, this is accompanied by the pains of labor and contractions, but in some cases, the water breaks early, prior to going into labor and before reaching a full


Infertility: Should I be Concerned?

By on February 18, 2021

Infertility is a common problem that many couples face which may be caused by a variety of issues. On an episode of Healthful Woman, Dr. Fox and reproductive endocrinologist Dr. Susan Lobel explained the most common causes of infertility and how they can be treated. Listen to that episode on or continue reading below to learn


Autoimmune Disease and Pregnancy

By on February 1, 2021

Pregnancy can present some unique challenges for women who have existing health concerns. This can be true for women with autoimmune diseases, who often have questions for their OB/GYN regarding what they can expect and how to manage their disease. On Healthful Woman, Dr. Samantha Do explained some of the basics on this subject. Here


Debunking Myths On the COVID-19 Vaccine and Infertility

By on January 28, 2021

Alongside common anti-vaccination myths, the COVID-19 vaccine has been met with skepticism. For some, this is due to the exceptional speed with which the vaccine was developed and made available, leading some to be wary of its effectiveness or safety. A common myth that has emerged is that the vaccine can cause infertility. Simply put,


Can I Exercise During Pregnancy?

By on January 20, 2021

On an episode of the Healthful Woman podcast, Dr. Stephanie Melka and Dr. Fox discussed whether women can exercise during their pregnancies. Dr. Melka talks about exercise during pregnancy with patients “at least several times a day”, because there are many myths surrounding what is safe or healthy. Dr. Fox also finds that “often, the advice that [pregnant patients] are given


Ectopic Pregnancies: Causes, Risks, and Treatments

By on November 3, 2020

Although ectopic pregnancies can be dangerous to your health, it’s important to know that with the right care from your OB/GYN, ectopic pregnancies are treatable. Here’s what to know about them and how your OB/GYN can help.  Healthful Woman · “Ectopic Pregnancy: Right Time, Wrong place!” – with Dr. Lis Shlansky What is an Ectopic Pregnancy?  An ectopic pregnancy happens when a fertilized


Coping with Infant and Pregnancy Loss

By on May 8, 2020

Pregnancy loss is a tragedy that most couples bear in silence for many different reasons. At any stage of pregnancy, it can be extremely difficult to grieve and cope with loss, but it’s important to know that there are resources available that can help. Here’s what to know about pregnancy and infant loss and what to do