Patients with twin pregnancies are at increased risk for preterm birth. Several studies, including our own, have demonstrated that a short cervical length on ultrasound as well as a positive fetal fibronectin test increases the risk of preterm birth in twin pregnancies.Based on data from over 600 asymptomatic patients with twin pregnancies in our high-risk practice, we have created an online calculator to help patients with twin pregnancies and their providers assess the risk of preterm birth based on the gestational age, cervical length measurement, and fetal fibronectin results from 22 0/7 – 31 6/7 weeks [1]

[1] Fox NS, Saltzman DH, Fishman A, Klauser CK, Gupta S, Rebarber A. Gestational age at cervical length and fetal fibronectin assessment and the incidence of spontaneous preterm birth in twins. J Ultrasound Med 2015; 34(6):977-84


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