Whether you need the very best in obstetrical services or expert gynecological care, Maternal-Fetal Medicine Associates is here for you with highly experienced and reputable physicians and the most comprehensive range of OB-GYN services under one roof.

From pre-conception counseling through delivery and recovery; from leading edge diagnostic ultrasound services to the full range of gynecologic care including cervical cancer screening and minimally invasive surgery; the specialists at MFMA deliver state-of-the-art reproductive health-care services in a caring and considerate manner.

Leah – “Your care, concern, and amazing advice throughout our pregnancy is something we will never forget.”

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Other procedures and medical services requiring hospitalization are readily available just blocks away at the practice’s nearby affiliate, Mount Sinai West, world-renowned for its medical excellence.

We also consult with an array of specialists whenever necessary. This network includes highly skilled geneticists, neonatologists, psychotherapists, nutritionists and others who are readily available for consultation if needed. Together, we provide a comprehensive range of women’s healthcare services within a single medical practice.

Accurate Results

Accurate results – and getting them quickly – is of paramount importance in managing obstetrical patient care. That’s why MFMA also has relationships with qualified laboratories that provide highly accurate test results with some of the most rapid turn-around times in the industry.

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