At Maternal Fetal Medicine Associates, we offer a Gestational Diabetes Program for women who are diagnosed with diabetes before or during their pregnancy. This program includes diabetes counseling and education, glucose monitoring, and fetal surveillance, as well as high-attention services to ensure positive pregnancy outcomes.

The Gestational Diabetes Support Program includes:

  • A perinatal consultation with a Maternal Fetal Medicine specialist to review the pathophysiology of gestational diabetes, perinatal risks to mother and fetus, obstetrical risks, maternal and fetal surveillance, labor and delivery management and postpartum evaluation
  • Nutritional education and referral to specialized dietician
  • Glucometer and fingerstick education by trained staff
  • Medication initiation and management (both oral anti-glycemic agents and insulin)
  • Weekly review of blood glucose levels with a Maternal Fetal Medicine specialist (more frequent if necessary) and regular communication with the referring physician
  • Perinatal ultrasounds for estimated fetal weight and biophysical testing as indicated

Contact Information

If you are pregnant and have been or was recently diagnosed with diabetes, please contact our Gestation Diabetes Support Program with the information below. We look forward to working with you.

Referrals: (212) 722-7409, option 2
Fax: (646) 525-3670
For patients:

Gestational Diabetes Support Program Glucose Intake Sheets

To keep track of your blood glucose levels, please download our PDF to track your glucose intake:

Glucose Intake Sheet 

Gestational Diabetes Support Program FAQs

For general information, please read The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists’ frequently asked questions about gestational diabetes:

FAQ Sheet

Helpful Resources for Patients

General information and food tips for individuals with gestational diabetes:

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