Birth Classes: What to Expect

By on April 7, 2022

Before labor and delivery, expectant parents have many questions. One way to feel prepared is to take a birth class. Dominque Weiss, owner and educator at Baby Zone NYC, was featured on an episode of Healthful Woman to talk about this option. You can listen to that episode on or continue reading to learn


Why Worry About Advanced Maternal Age?

By on March 17, 2022

What is Advanced Maternal Age? Technically speaking, advanced maternal age refers to anyone who wants to or is pregnant over the age of 35. This designation requires so-called “high-risk care” due to the higher likelihood of developing adverse outcomes in many different ways, which usually entails more testing or more frequent testing during pregnancy than


Travel in Pregnancy: Tips from our OB/GYNs

By on February 8, 2022

Whether you are required to travel for work or considering a “babymoon” vacation, you probably have questions about traveling during pregnancy. On a recent episode of Healthful Woman, Dr. Caroline Friedman gave some helpful tips for patients. You can listen to that episode on your favorite podcast platform or continue reading to learn more. Healthful


What Cancer Screenings Can My Gynecologist Perform? 

By on February 7, 2022

While nobody wants to think about the fact that they may be at high risk for cancer, or hear that they have been diagnosed with cancer, being proactive in the screening process is vital for a healthy you. Diagnosing cancer early gives patients a much better outlook for their treatment and generally better outcomes, which


Scheduled Cesarean Sections

By on January 21, 2022

Cesarean deliveries, or C-sections, are performed for many reasons/indications.  Cesareans can be scheduled, or urgent/emergent. The need for a cesarean arising from circumstances in labor are usually performed on an urgent basis, and less frequently on an emergency basis. This discussion is about cesareans that are planned weeks to months in advance, and therefore called


Cord Blood Collection

By on January 10, 2022

cord blood banking nyc

Among the many considerations you’ll run into during pregnancy care is choosing whether to donate umbilical cord blood after your baby is born. This blood, unlike blood given at a blood drive, for instance, is unique in that it contains special cells that can help with certain disorders. Collecting and donating cord blood is a