Understanding Periviable Birth with Dr. Spiegelman

By on March 21, 2024

In Maternal-Fetal Medicine Associates’ latest podcast, we embark on an exploration of a difficult area of obstetrics – periviable birth. Our recent podcast with Dr. Spiegelman, a specialist in maternal-fetal medicine, discusses this topic to offer expecting parents’ invaluable insight into this lesser-known complication of pregnancy. Read on for a quick explanation of what periviable birth entails and how our dedicated team at Maternal-Fetal Medicine Associates provides support and guidance during this challenging journey.

What is Periviable Birth?

Periviable birth is defined as the delivery of a baby around the time when a baby can first survive outside of the uterus with intervention. The exact gestational age when a baby is considered able to survive depends on the hospital but is generally around 22-23 weeks. The periviable period is generally considered to be between 20-25 weeks because this is the period where options for intensive intervention begin but where families may also choose not to intervene. These births present a dynamic mixture of medical, emotional, and ethical challenges for parents and their healthcare providers, as the decisions involved have a large impact on the family’s life moving forward.

Podcast Overview

In the podcast, “Periviable Birth – with Dr. Jessica Spiegelman,” Dr. Spiegelman shares her knowledge, expertise, and compassionate approach to assisting families facing periviable births. With the assistance of Dr. Fox, the two doctors delve into the complex topic and offer invaluable guidance on this sensitive journey.

Key Takeaways

Informed Decision Making

Toward the beginning of the podcast, Dr. Spiegelman focuses on how crucial education and informed decision-making are for families confronting possible periviable birth. She explains, “Most people in this situation didn’t expect to be in it when they became pregnant… And expecting people to grapple through these decisions with no background and no warning is really hard.”

Collaboration and Compassion in Care

Dr. Spiegelman emphasizes the necessity of a multidisciplinary approach, involving obstetricians, neonatologists, social workers, and other healthcare professionals who all work together to ensure well-rounded support for the family throughout this challenging journey. It is essential to help parents understand what the different options are if a periviable delivery seems likely or imminent and to help them decide which choices make the most sense for them and their families.

Maternal Fetal Medicine Associates’ Role in Peri-Viable Birth

Maternal-Fetal Medicine Associates is wholly dedicated to delivering compassionate and comprehensive care for families navigating periviable births. By consistently fostering clear communication and informing the parent’s decision-making process, we hope to ease the anxiety and burden parents experience in this difficult time.

Peri-viable birth presents a range of challenges for families and healthcare providers alike—the profound insights shared by Dr. Spiegelman in the podcast underscore the steadfast commitment Maternal-Fetal Medicine Associates showcases to families in this difficult position. To experience holistic, well-rounded care that emphasizes education and guidance throughout your pregnancy, contact Maternal-Fetal Medicine Associates.

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