For most patients, the physician that ultimately delivers your baby is determined by the on-call schedule that is shared between the obstetrician-gynecologists on our physician team.  Therefore, it is both important as well as recommended that when scheduling your prenatal visits, you take advantage of the opportunity to become familiar with each of those physicians.

In certain circumstances (scheduled cesarean sections, scheduled inductions of labor) it may be possible to request a specific physician for delivery.  We do our utmost to accommodate those requests but cannot provide guarantees due to schedule restrictions.

Members of our physician staff who perform obstetrical deliveries are as follows:

Sarp Aksel, MD

Sam Bender, MD

Nathan Fox, MD

Caroline Friedman, MD

Sara Kostant, MD

Stephanie Melka, MD

Andrei Rebarber, MD

Michelle Santoyo, MD

Lisabeth Shlanksy, MD