Drs Rebarber, Saltzman, Fox, Lam, Monteagudo, and Gupta are board certified/eligible Maternal Fetal Medicine Specialists as well as board certified/eligible Obstetrician/Gynecologists.  They are considered experts in the field of high risk obstetrics, OB-GYN ultrasound and prenatal diagnosis.

Drs Bender, Silverstein, Melka, Lam, Miller and Gottlieb are board certified Obstetricians/Gynecologists who, in addition to their extensive obstetrical experience, have particular expertise in office gynecology, preconception care/evaluation, minimally invasive gynecologic surgery, managing menopausal symptoms, basic infertility evaluations, evaluation for pelvic floor disorders, family planning, and colposcopy.

Ms. Sherrier is a certified midwife who provides outpatient services, and serves as Diabetes Educator for our patients.  We are very pleased to round out our provider roster with the unique perspective that a midwife brings to patient care.

Over the years these medical providers have worked hand in hand to bring together a complementary set of medical skills that enables them to provide a full range of women’s healthcare services within one medical practice.

What Makes MFM Associates Unique?

Privademics™ – A New Method for Delivering Expert Care

MFMA is a new kind of medical practice that blends the best features of academic, and private medical practices. Historically academic medicine and private practice were very separate domains, with “academic” doctors focusing on research and medical education, and “private” doctors focusing on patient care. The high risk pregnancy experts at MFMA are highly regarded as prolific medical researchers and educators, as well as supremely skilled hands-on clinicians who take great pride in the care they deliver to patients, thus creating a unique blend of academics and private practice, or Privademics™. Patients at MFMA have access to physicians who are award-winning medical educators with numerous peer-reviewed publications, who provide cutting edge expert care.

Details of each physician’s education, training and publications are available on our website; www.mfmnyc.com.

Who Will I See At My Office Visits?

All obstetrical patients within the practice are advised to rotate prenatal visits between all of our providers.  If you have a preference to see a particular provider, we will make every effort to accommodate this request.  Due to the nature of our field and the wide variety of complex medical problems which this practice specializes in, patients in our waiting room can sometimes encounter delays.  We appreciate your patience and understanding in this regard.  As emergencies dictate you may be asked to see a different physician than the one with whom your appointment was originally booked to accommodate your schedule.

Who Will Deliver My Baby (or Babies…)?

During office hours, Labor and Delivery is covered by Dr. Bender, Dr. Silverstein, Dr. Melka, or Dr Miller.  On nights and weekends, these physicians and the other physicians rotate coverage of Labor and Delivery.  Neither Dr. Gottlieb nor our midwives perform deliveries in our practice.

For most patients, the physician that ultimately delivers your baby will be determined by the on-call schedule that is shared between the doctors.  Therefore, it is both important as well as recommended that when scheduling your prenatal visits, you take advantage of the opportunity to become familiar with each of our doctors.  In certain circumstances (scheduled cesarean sections, scheduled inductions of labor), it may be possible to request a particular physician for delivery and we will try to accommodate.

With Which Hospital Are We Affiliated?

All deliveries and inpatient procedures will be provided at Mount Sinai Medical Center located at 1176 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY  10029.  Mount Sinai is a teaching hospital that has been internationally recognized as a leader in the field of Obstetrics and Gynecology for the past 150 years.  As is true with all teaching hospitals, Mt Sinai OB-GYN residents, under the supervision of our physicians, may be involved in your care while you are a patient there.  However, this has been shown in the medical literature to enhance the safety and level of care provided to patients in tertiary care facilities.

Where Will My Ultrasound Exams Be Performed?

A unique strength of MFMA is its connection to CARNEGIE IMAGING FOR WOMEN, its imaging subsidiary conveniently located at 2 Manhattan locations –

  • Carnegie Hill: 1245 Madison Avenue (between 89th and 90th Streets)
  • Carnegie South: 148 Madison Avenue (between 31st and 32nd Streets)

Carnegie Imaging for Women is fully staffed by our board certified MFM specialists and registered sonographers who use state-of-the-art 3D/4D ultrasound equipment to deliver the highest level of accuracy in ultrasound imaging. Both Centers are fully accredited by the American Institute for Ultrasound in Medicine.

More information about Carnegie Imaging for Women can be located on its website:  www.CarnegieImaging.com.

Who Can I Speak To If I have Questions In-Between Physician Visits?

MFMA has a team of experienced Registered Nurses and Medical Assistants on staff to respond to patient questions and concerns in-between office visits. These highly skilled professionals are available to answer a variety of questions including:

Laboratory Results
Medication Refills
Pregnancy and other Medical Concerns
Relaying information to and from physicians
Surgery Scheduling

The nurses are available by phone during normal business hours. Phone calls are triaged and responded to in priority order. However, all calls are answered within 24 hours. Physicians are available by telephone in cases of extreme emergency.  Patients who require in-depth conversation with a physician should make an appointment to come into the office. With rare exceptions, the MFMA physicians do not perform telephone consultations due to their limited availability to do so.

During nights and weekends, all calls are answered by our answering service.  There is always a physician on call to answer emergency patient phone calls.  We ask that you reserve general and non-emergent questions until the next business day unless they require immediate attention (such as going into labor).

Appointment Cancellations

When you make an appointment, we reserve a significant amount of time specifically for your consultation. Unfortunately, when a patient doesn’t show for their scheduled appointment, another patient loses an opportunity to be seen.

Therefore, if you need to cancel or re-schedule, you are requested to notify us as soon as possible, but no later than 48 hours in advance of an extended appointment and 24 hours in advance of a routine or ultrasound appointment. Without this notification, you will be responsible for a cancellation fee in accordance with the schedule outlined below.

Please phone our office as soon as you are aware that you will be canceling your appointment. If you phone our office after hours, please leave a message to cancel or reschedule and we will confirm with you by phone on the next business day.

Cancellation charges are not covered by insurance and are due and payable prior to any future appointments.

What Insurances Does MFMA Accept?

MFMA currently participates with the following insurances: Aetna, Cigna, Oscar, Oxford and United Healthcare.  However, we do not participate in all plans under every carrier.  Therefore, once you make an initial appointment with us, a member of our billing staff will thoroughly research your coverage to confirm that your care here will be a paid benefit under your plan.

The Practice also calculates patient responsibility (co-pays, co-insurance and/or deductibles) prior to each visit, and requires payment at the time of service.  Deductibles and co-insurance for obstetrical deliveries are payable in the third trimester of pregnancy.

If you are covered by an insurance plan other than those listed, you must make payment arrangements in advance of your appointment with our Billing Department.

Members of our billing staff are available to answer your questions during business hours at 646-525-3666.

Are There Fees Associated With My Obstetrical Care That Won’t Be Covered By My Plan?

The payment provided by insurance companies to MFMA physicians for your obstetrical care (the “global” fee) is limited to the following:

  • All normal, uncomplicated prenatal visits
  • Obstetrical delivery
  • One (1) well post-partum visit

There are many other services and fees that might be incurred during the course of your care that may or not be covered. It is a patient’s responsibility to contact their plan administrators to learn the limits of their individual policies.  A partial listing of expected additional fees is as follows:

“Sick” visits

If you encounter a medical complication during your pregnancy, any visits related to the care of that complication are billed outside of the global obstetrical package.  The global obstetrical fee only covers routine, uncomplicated OB care.  Examples of scenarios that could result in additional fees include hospital care during acute illness or pregnancy complications, or unscheduled office care for illnesses like infection or complications due to underlying medical conditions.  When billed to your insurance company, these visits may result in additional co-pay, coinsurance and/or deductible expenses.

Lab Work

Throughout the course of your care MFMA will send blood and tissue samples for analysis to a variety of clinical laboratories.  For our patients’ convenience, a Patient Service Center is located on the first floor of our building where most routine blood work can be performed.

If your insurance plan contains restrictions or limitations on lab work, please make that known to our clinical staff.  Provided you let us know in advance of a test being performed, we can in many instances route routine samples to labs that will accept your insurance.  For some of the specialty tests required where there are only a limited number of reference labs capable of performing them, that cannot be accomplished and patients will be responsible for the fees incurred.

Please be aware that MFMA has no role in or control over billing issues related to clinical laboratory fees.  If you have questions about bills received for laboratory charges or insurance coverage available to you, please contact the clinical laboratory in question and/or your insurance carrier.

Prenatal Supplies and Products

We offer as a convenience to our patients the option to purchase prenatal vitamins onsite which may be necessary as reviewed with your health care provider.  We supply both kosher and non-kosher options that can be purchased at our patient check-out stations.

Digital Ultrasound Keepsake Images

At Carnegie Imaging, patents have the option of having digital versions of select images from their ultrasound scans delivered via either email or text message.  There is a one-time administrative fee of $25 per pregnancy for this service, and patients can enroll at the reception desks at either of our Carnegie Imaging locations.

Cord Blood Collection for Cryopreservation

Many patients are interested in cord blood preservation at the time of birth. Whether a patient chooses to bank cord blood, or which company they choose to partner with, is completely up to them. The physicians at MFMA do not endorse any one of these firms nor do they specifically endorse cord blood banking.

Fees associated with cord blood banking are not covered by insurance. If patients choose to privately bank their baby’s blood they will be responsible for two separate fees; one charged by the physicians for cord blood collection at the time of delivery, and a fee charged by the cord blood banks for storage.

Private Cord Blood Collection

  • The fee charged by MFMA to cover physician expenses associated with private cord blood collection at the time of delivery is $250. In the event of multiple gestations, the fee is multiplied by the number of babies from which cord blood is collected.
  • The storage fees charged by private cord blood banks vary widely among companies. MFMA has no role in setting or administering fees for cord blood storage.

Public Cord Blood Collection

Patients sometimes have the option to store cord blood with public, non profit banks. Unlike private banking, if a patient chooses public banking it is free of charge. There are no fees associated with storage, and MFMA will waive the physician collection fee.

If you are interested in cord blood banking, please discuss this option with your physician during one of your prenatal visits so that you can make a fully informed decision about this option.

Things to Bear in Mind While You Are Pregnant

  • Be sure to go to all scheduled prenatal care visits with the Practice as well as your ultrasound appointments at Carnegie Imaging for Women.
  • Read about giving birth, and consider taking a childbirth course or related classes. Our Practice partners with BabyZone NYC and its staff of thoroughly experienced childbirth educators to provide reliable and practice specific courses on many topics related to childbearing and pregnancy.  Patients can obtain more information at BabyZoneNYC.com.
  • By the fifth month of pregnancy, complete and submit the preadmission registration form for Mt. Sinai Hospital. Copies of the form will be provided to you by our clinical staff in the Practice.
  • Consider a tour of the maternity facilities at Mount Sinai Hospital. Tours can be arranged by contacting Michele Reinback at either reinbach@mountsinai.org or 212-241-7491.

Patient Resources

We recommend the information provided by the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG).  The full list of patient resources can be found at:  www.acog.org/Patients

At the ACOG website, you will find the answers to many common pregnancy-related questions such as:

  • Exercise during pregnancy
  • Travel during pregnancy
  • Nutrition during pregnancy
  • Medications for pain relief during labor and delivery
  • Newborn circumcision
  • Breastfeeding
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