While pregnancy can be an exciting time, it is important to make sure you and your obstetrician identify any factors that might affect your pregnancy even before that home pregnancy test turns positive. Anyone looking to become pregnant in the next year should have a conversation with their obstetrician about maximizing their health.

Many factors are in your control and can affect your and your baby’s health in pregnancy. The first eight weeks of your pregnancy are crucial for the growth and development of your fetus. Maintaining a healthy diet is important to making sure your body has the energy and nutrients it needs. Losing weight before pregnancy can help decrease the risk of pregnancy complications for you and birth defects for your baby. Certain habits, like smoking, drinking and drug use, can have harmful effects on a developing fetus. Taking steps to optimize your health can have a positive impact on your upcoming pregnancy.

At your preconception visit, your obstetrician will take a thorough history and perform a comprehensive physical. Certain medical conditions and medications can cause problems in pregnancy. Together with your obstetrician, it is important for you to make a plan of how to minimize the risk of these problems before becoming pregnant. Learning about and avoiding certain infections that can harm your fetus is an important part of preparing for pregnancy.

Your obstetrician will also discuss with you options available for genetic screening. This can be performed before you get pregnant. There are a range of medical conditions that can be screened for with simple laboratory work. The goal is to provide you and your partner with meaningful information that you can use to guide your pregnancy planning and reproductive options.

We can also help you plan for your next pregnancy, even if it is not in the next year. Our physicians offer the full range of contraceptive options to ensure you can make the decision of when and if to become pregnant.

Make an appointment to discuss your reproductive health plan with one of our excellent obstetrician-gynecologists today!

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