“Nutrition in Twin Pregnancies: Simple, yet Critical” – with Dr. Barbara Luke

“Delivery of Twins – Double the Fun!” – with Dr. Stephanie Melka

“Twin Twin Transfusion Syndrome Part 2: Treatment of TTTS. Yes, Lasers!” – with Dr. Nahla Khalek

“Twin Twin Transfusion Syndrome Part 1: What is TTTS?” – with Dr. Nahla Khalek

“Prenatal Care of Twin Part 2: Preterm Birth and Fetal Growth Restriction” – with Dr. Andrei Rebarber

Prenatal Care of Twin Part 1: Early Care and General Advice for Twins” – with Dr. Andrei Rebarber

“Intro to Twin Pregnancies: Types of Twins, and Why it Matters” – with Dr. Jen Lam-Rachlin

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