Is Pitocin Friend or Foe?

By on May 9, 2024

The Healthful Woman podcast host and maternal-fetal medicine specialist Dr. Fox invited Dr. Stephanie Melka, OB/GYN, to discuss myths about Pitocin and labor, how it works, its uses, and why some women opt out. In the podcast episode “Pitocin: Friend or Foe?”, Discover more about Pitocin and whether you should take it during your pregnancy.


Tears, Lacerations, and Episiotomies

By on April 4, 2024

The Healthful Woman podcast host and maternal-fetal medicine specialist Dr. Fox invited Dr. Sadia Mobeen to discuss what mothers can expect during childbirth in the podcast episode “Tears, Lacerations, and Episiotomies.” Discover more about tears and episiotomies that can occur during childbirth. Healthful Woman · “Tears, lacerations, and episiotomies” – with Dr. Sadia Mobeen About


The NICU Side of Peri-Viable Birth

By on April 2, 2024

During the Healthful Woman podcast, host Dr. Fox and guest Annemarie Stroustrup, a neonatologist specializing in premature babies at the NICU, delve into the topic of peri-viable birth in the episode titled, “Peri-viable birth: The NICU Side.” Dr. Stroustrup shares insights drawn from her extensive experience in neonatal care. Healthful Woman · “Peri-viable birth: The


Understanding Periviable Birth with Dr. Spiegelman

By on March 21, 2024

In Maternal-Fetal Medicine Associates’ latest podcast, we embark on an exploration of a difficult area of obstetrics – periviable birth. Our recent podcast with Dr. Spiegelman, a specialist in maternal-fetal medicine, discusses this topic to offer expecting parents’ invaluable insight into this lesser-known complication of pregnancy. Read on for a quick explanation of what periviable


Cerclage 101: Exploring Cervical Stitching

By on March 14, 2024

During the Healthful Woman podcast, hosted by Dr. Fox featuring guest Dr. Andrei Rebarber called, “Cerclage” At Your Cervix!” both doctors discuss the surgical procedure called a cerclage. This podcast reviews when a patient needs a cerclage and when the procedure may be considered controversial. Learn whether you may be a candidate for a cerclage


Navigating the Challenges of Preterm Labor: Insights from Maternal Fetal Medicine Experts

By on February 6, 2024

On the most recent episode of the Healthful Woman podcast, maternal-fetal medicine specialists, Dr. Nathan Fox and Dr. Jessica Spiegelman recently discussed the intricacies of preterm labor and preterm contractions—two common occurrences that can leave many expecting mothers afraid and in the dark. Join Maternal Fetal Medicine Associates as we explore and highlight key takeaways


“Nutrition in Twin Pregnancies: Simple, yet Critical” – with Dr. Barbara Luke

By on January 4, 2024

Dr. Barbara Luke, an MPH, reproductive epidemiologist, nurse, nutritionist, and author of a book on expecting twins, joined Dr. Fox to discuss prenatal nutrition in twin pregnancies. “For me, prenatal nutrition is the most preventive medicine you could do,” said Dr. Luke. In this blog, we discuss her professional background, research, findings, and more. Healthful