Nutrition and Gestational Diabetes

By on March 22, 2019

Gestational diabetes is a condition that affects your blood sugars in pregnancy.  One of the key steps in managing your blood sugar is making diet modifications.  However, with an abundance of information on the internet, it is often confusing to know what to do. Here are some tips from our dietitian, Christina McGeough: Once you


Genetic Testing with Dr. Andrei Rebarber

By on March 19, 2019

Amniocentesis and chorionic villus sampling (CVS) are two invasive tests that are available to determine various genetic factors in the fetus. Traditionally, these tests were completed to determine the fetal chromosomes; however, there are more genetic tests that are available currently, depending on conditions that may exist prior to the pregnancy. For example, if the


Patient Testimonial – Georgie L.

By on March 15, 2019

At MFM, we always appreciate feedback from our patients, as it helps us to improve your experience at our practice. Read on to learn about one patient, Georgie’s, experience. “I learned about the practice through a friend of a friend,” explained Georgie.  “I was living on the West Side of Manhattan, moved to the East


Patient Experience at Maternal Fetal Medicine

By on March 12, 2019

Georgie L.has been a patient of MFM for eight years. When asked about her experience at MFM and which MFM specialist meant the most to her, she had this to share: “Definitely, Dr. Melka, she delivered all three of my children and we’re tremendously grateful to her for it. She was new to the practice


Patient Testimonial – Benefits of a Group Practice

By on March 8, 2019

Georgie Lukstein is an MFM patient who been living in New York for almost 20 years. She joined Maternal-Fetal Medicine as a patient about eight years ago. She made the point of trying to see a new doctor at each visit along the course of her pregnancy, just to make sure that she was comfortable


Ultrasounds at Maternal Fetal Medicine Associates

By on February 18, 2019

Georgie has lived in New York for almost 20 years and joined Maternal Fetal Medicine as a patient about 8 years ago. “The ultrasound units were a great experience,” Georgie said. “They always felt very up-to-date with the latest technology. The staff was really experienced and knowledgeable. It also was really convenient, being that it


The Importance of Pre-Pregnancy Screening Visits

By on November 29, 2018

At MFM, we encourage all patients to come in for a screening visit, even if they are not imminently planning on becoming pregnant. This is because we often get newly pregnant patients that come into the practice with illnesses that have not been well taken care of in the past, which can cause complications and


Anemia and Pregnancy

By on November 27, 2018

During pregnancy, the body produces more blood to support the baby. And later in pregnancy, the baby steals iron from the mother in order to be healthy. Whether the mom has a lot of iron, the building block of red cells, or has very little iron, the baby will be born with a completely normal


Gestational Diabetes with Dr. Michael Silverstein

By on November 20, 2018

Gestational diabetes is a relatively rare disorder that affects about 3 or 4 out of every 100 patients that are pregnant. This condition is actually the body’s over-zealous response to the baby needing to grow for the last few months of a pregnancy. In order to accomplish that growth, the placenta leaks something into Mom’s


Postpartum Screening at MFM

By on November 16, 2018

After pregnancy and childbirth, some women may experience psychosocial issues. Many women will experience some sort of postpartum blues, which is a condition in which they may laugh or cry unpredictably, have anxiety or irritability, feel overwhelmed, or have trouble sleeping. However, these women are still functional, and are caring for themselves and their child.