Kim’s Experience with Cord Prolapse 

By on June 27, 2024

In the recent episode of “Healthful Woman,” called “Cord Prolapse: Kim’s Story,” host Dr. Nathan Fox sits down with Kimberly Goodridge, NP, who shares her experience with cord prolapse during childbirth. This unexpected turn transformed Kim’s routine vaginal birth into a high-stakes emergency cesarean section, highlighting both the unpredictability of childbirth and the critical decisions made in maternal-fetal medicine.

Cord Prolapse and Pregnancy

Cord prolapse is a rare but serious obstetric emergency where the umbilical cord slips through the cervix ahead of the baby. This condition requires immediate medical attention due to the risk of cord compression, which can compromise the baby’s oxygen supply. Early recognition and prompt intervention are essential to minimize complications. Management often involves emergency cesarean delivery to ensure the safety and well-being of both mother and baby.

Kim’s Story


Kim begins her story with the anticipation and normalcy of her pregnancy. As a pediatric nurse practitioner with a background in NICU nursing, she felt well-prepared for potential complications but never expected them to materialize in her own delivery. Her journey into motherhood was smooth until a routine induction due to post-date ultrasound findings revealed low amniotic fluid and a larger-than-average baby.


During the induction process, Kim experienced a rare complication: cord prolapse. Dr. Fox expressed, “The problem with cord prolapse is what frequently follows cord prolapse is then the head plops down into the cervix and compresses the cord.” This, in turn, can cut off necessary supplies to the baby, affecting their health. Despite Kim’s medical knowledge, facing this emergency herself was frightening.


Kim’s decision to receive an epidural before the emergency unfolded turned out to be crucial. It allowed for immediate readiness for a rapid cesarean section, avoiding the need for general anesthesia, which could have otherwise separated her from the birth experience. This decision was informed by medical expertise and maternal intuition, highlighting Kim’s dual roles during this critical moment.

David, Kim’s son, was born healthy and vigorous, crying immediately after delivery. This is a reassuring sign for any new parent, especially with Kim’s background. His strong start was a testament to the timely intervention and expert care provided by the medical team.

Prenatal Care and Preparation

Kim emphasizes the importance of comprehensive prenatal care and awareness of potential complications, even for healthcare professionals. Her story underscores the unpredictable nature of childbirth and the critical role of medical expertise in managing emergencies effectively.

Learn More

Kim’s experience on “Healthful Woman” educates and inspires listeners to consider the unpredictable paths that childbirth can take and the importance of preparedness in maternal healthcare. To learn more about cord prolapse and women’s health, contact Carnegie Imaging for Women through our online contact form or listen to the “Healthful Woman” podcast today.

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