Can I Stop Morning Sickness?

By on December 4, 2023

While pregnancy is a magical and exciting time for many women, it comes with many changes, including changes to the body. This may include morning sickness, which is very common for many women. Read on to learn more about morning sickness, and what you can do about it. What is Morning Sickness? Morning sickness is


What to Expect When You’re Expecting a C-Section

By on October 16, 2023

When you become pregnant one of the first things you will discuss with your partner and provider is your birth plan. Whether you are choosing to give birth at home, with or without an epidural, or vaginally in the hospital, it is always important to have a plan in place. It is also important to


Does a Tongue or Lip Tie Affect Breastfeeding?

By on February 2, 2023

Breastfeeding is an important part of your infant’s development and the emotional connection that is built between mom and baby. One thing that can have a surprisingly negative impact on breastfeeding is oral tissues like tongue and lip ties. What Are Tongue and Lip Ties? A tongue tie is the band of tissue connecting your


Why Worry About Advanced Maternal Age?

By on March 17, 2022

What is Advanced Maternal Age? Technically speaking, advanced maternal age refers to anyone who wants to or is pregnant over the age of 35. This designation requires so-called “high-risk care” due to the higher likelihood of developing adverse outcomes in many different ways, which usually entails more testing or more frequent testing during pregnancy than


Scheduled Cesarean Sections

By on January 21, 2022

Cesarean deliveries, or C-sections, are performed for many reasons/indications.  Cesareans can be scheduled, or urgent/emergent. The need for a cesarean arising from circumstances in labor are usually performed on an urgent basis, and less frequently on an emergency basis. This discussion is about cesareans that are planned weeks to months in advance, and therefore called


Cord Blood Collection

By on January 10, 2022

Among the many considerations you’ll run into during pregnancy care is choosing whether to donate umbilical cord blood after your baby is born. This blood, unlike blood given at a blood drive, for instance, is unique in that it contains special cells that can help with certain disorders. Collecting and donating cord blood is a