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severe preeclampsia

Severe Preeclampsia

A woman who has preeclampsia has a serious condition during pregnancy. If the condition continues to get worse a woman could start experiencing seizures. Magnesium Sulfate is a medication, actually a mineral, given to women who are experiencing severe preeclampsia. In this country, we give magnesium intravenously (through a vein) to reduce the risk of getting a seizure.

The seizures that are caused from eclampsia are a different variety than other seizure disorders. Magnesium is the best type of medication for the specific type of seizures experienced with eclampsia.

When is Magnesium Prescribed for Preeclampsia?

When we determine a woman is crossing over from mild preeclampsia to severe preeclampsia and near eclampsia, we start IV magnesium when it is getting close to delivery time.

Magnesium is given around the time a woman delivers and to someone who is first being evaluated for preeclampsia. Based on a woman’s blood tests and other important measurements, doctors sometimes need a day or two to determine how severe the preeclampsia is. She may receive magnesium frequently after delivery because the highest risk of seizures due to preeclampsia happens immediately after a woman delivers.


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