By on November 8, 2017

Managing diabetes can be complicated, even confusing, especially when you’re diagnosed when pregnant. Working with a certified diabetes educator is the best way to get the support that you need. Christina McGeough, a certified diabetes educator at Carnegie Hill, and Dr. Ann Albright, director of the CDC’s Division of Diabetes Translation spoke with Joan Lunden of DiabetesTV to speak about diabetes self-management education.

When diagnosed with diabetes, individuals can feel overwhelmed or confused, but learning to manage their new disease is a must. “It’s critical. It’s like buying a new device, and you need to have some instructions, otherwise you’re flying in the dark. So, getting diabetes self-management education and support is at the heart of good care.” said Dr. Albright.

A key step in managing diabetes is working with your healthcare team.  At Maternal Fetal Medicine Associates, our team consists of physicians, nurses, and a Certified Diabetes Educator (CDE) who offer diabetes education and counseling to women who are diagnosed with gestational diabetes before or during their pregnancy. Our professionals will work with individuals to help them understand the basics of taking care of themselves and managing their blood sugar.

“So, my goal with patients is to meet them where they are. I learned that very young when I started working in a public hospital. I had people of all ages in one room. Some people didn’t speak English, so I had to speak “food” because that was a common language that everyone could get, and I use a lot of visuals. And from there, I really developed an approach to make people start feeling comfortable with this thing that they didn’t ask for but that they felt in better control of after a certain number of classes and workshops with me.” explained McGeough.

Millions of people in the U.S. live with diabetes and prediabetes, but each person has their own, personal journey. “To be as successful as possible in diabetes, self-management education is critical to having an enjoyable and full journey with diabetes.” said Dr. Albright.

If you want to get more information on diabetes self-management education and find a diabetes educator, log on to cdc.gov/diabetestv. Patients in the New York, NY area can also contact our office to learn more about our offered diabetes education.

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