Should I Start Fertility Treatments?

By on November 7, 2022

On the Healthful Woman podcast, Dr. Nathan Fox and Dr. Susan Lobel discuss the nuances of fertility treatments and the variations in treatment for different patients. Although there is no “right” time to visit a fertility specialist but there are a few guidelines you can follow to help you determine whether it’s the right time


Breast Cancer Awareness: Genetic Testing Benefits

By on October 11, 2022

October is breast cancer awareness month, and our team at MFM would like to shed some light on the importance of genetic testing for BRCA gene mutations, and how individuals with these gene mutations can take powerful steps toward cancer prevention. What are BRCA Gene Variants? The two breast cancer gene (BRCA) mutations include BRCA1


I’m Pregnant, Now What?

By on September 20, 2022

So, you just found out you’re pregnant- congrats! After the initial excitement dies down, your next thought is probably along the lines of, “what next?” Board-certified OB/GYNs Dr. Fox and Dr. Melka discuss this topic to help make your first steps of pregnancy easier. Healthful Woman · “I’m Pregnant, Now What?” – with Dr. Stephanie Melka Call Your Obstetrician


Creating Awareness for Fragile X Syndrome

By on August 16, 2022

Fragile X syndrome (FXS) is not a common disorder, but it should gain more awareness because of the significant impact it has on those who have the mutation and those who carry it. In a news segment, “Behind the Mystery,” geneticist Dr. Tamar Goldwaser discussed the signs of FXS and the next steps if you


Birth Classes: What to Expect

By on April 7, 2022

Before labor and delivery, expectant parents have many questions. One way to feel prepared is to take a birth class. Dominque Weiss, owner and educator at Baby Zone NYC, was featured on an episode of Healthful Woman to talk about this option. You can listen to that episode on or continue reading to learn


Travel in Pregnancy: Tips from our OB/GYNs

By on February 8, 2022

Whether you are required to travel for work or considering a “babymoon” vacation, you probably have questions about traveling during pregnancy. On a recent episode of Healthful Woman, Dr. Caroline Friedman gave some helpful tips for patients. You can listen to that episode on your favorite podcast platform or continue reading to learn more. Healthful


What Cancer Screenings Can My Gynecologist Perform? 

By on February 7, 2022

While nobody wants to think about the fact that they may be at high risk for cancer, or hear that they have been diagnosed with cancer, being proactive in the screening process is vital for a healthy you. Diagnosing cancer early gives patients a much better outlook for their treatment and generally better outcomes, which