“This review is sort of late, but I’m a first-time mother of twins (born in February), so I have an excuse! I feel compelled to write a review because I am so, so appreciative of every doctor in this amazing practice, and if you are searching for doctors that specialize in high-risk pregnancies (multiples, in my case), look no further.

Specifically: Dr. Gupta, who I met with at my first visit and made me feel sure I was in the right place; Dr. Saltzman, who reviewed most of our ultrasounds and walked us through our genetic testing, keeping us smiling with his great sense of humor; Ms. Sherrier, who helped me manage my nutrition; Dr. Miller, who spent (literally) hours with us in his office answering my millions of questions and going over my birth plan; Dr. Fox, who compared my stats against their extensive database to predict exactly how far I would go in my pregnancy and was accurate to within two days (seriously); Dr. Klauser, who sat with us for hours in the hospital when I was admitted for monitoring at 33 weeks; Dr. Jennifer Lam, who shared stories of her own pregnancy and experience as a mother with me; and finally, Dr. Silverstein and Dr. Melka, who saw me through my amazing delivery.

This practice supported me from 14 weeks (when I switched from a different practice) until I delivered my girls at 35w2d, which is about average for twins. They allowed me to deliver vaginally with my doula and my husband at my side, despite my Baby B presenting breech and a complication of high blood pressure at the end of my pregnancy. I am almost positive that any other practice would have insisted on a C-section, but Drs. Silverstein and Melka coached me through my delivery and it was amazing! Dr. Melka performed a perfect breech extraction of Baby B, and I was up and walking around within hours of giving birth, and my recovery was fast and smooth.

My girls were born healthy and strong, and we were all home within a few days, despite their prematurity. They are lively nine-month-olds now, and I am so grateful that MFM Associates kept us all safe and healthy.

I should add that the nurses and ultrasound techs are also fabulous, I never had any billing issues, the front desk staff are professional and pleasant, they always have snacks and drinks available, and their appointment-making process is very efficient.”

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