WHY AM I AN OB-GYN?, Aren Gottlieb, MD (Video)

By on June 4, 2019

OB-GYN stands for obstetrician-gynecologist. I specialize in women’s health including menstruation, childbirth, and menopause. I am a general OB-GYN practitioner and I work with a wide range of OB-GYN services. I have been with this practice for over 10 years. I chose to focus on maternal-fetal medicine, which deals with high-risk pregnancies.

I was drawn to obstetrics and gynecology because I love working with women who are going to experience a lot of life changes, from deciding to become pregnant to deciding not to become pregnant. I enjoy watching patients go through pregnancy and the postpartum period. Dealing not only with the medical aspect but also, the psychological aspect of all that is changing in their lives. Finally, I continue to see my patients as they transition to the perimenopause and menopause as well.

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