Why I Am a Maternal Fetal Medicine Specialist

By on April 11, 2019

Have you ever wondered what exactly leads someone to become an MFM specialist? Read on to learn about Dr. Rebarber’s journey!

During his medical school experiences at SUNY Health Science Center, he rotated through cardiology, though found that his passions lied elsewhere.

He joined a six-week rotation where he got to work with some maternal fetal medicine specialists and saw his first fetal transfusion. That is when he knew what he wanted to do!

“It was amazing that you can treat the fetus as a patient and treat it before the baby’s born,” said Dr. Rebarber. “And so, I went into obstetrics and gynecology knowing pretty much I was going to do maternal fetal medicine because I wanted to be on the forefront of research, teaching, and patient care”

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