OB-GYN ANNUAL HEALTH EXAMS, Michael Silverstein, MD (Video)

By on November 14, 2018

As a general OB-GYN, Dr. Michael Silverstein sees many patients for their annual health exam. Many of these patients are adolescents starting in college or have just finished college and are starting relationships. In general, the annual health exam is a routine physical exam. At MFM we offer counseling and discuss health maintenance issues. We also talk about drugs and smoking, exercise, diet, body mass index, and general health issues.

Many patients will also come to MFM for preconception counseling in anticipation of an upcoming or planned pregnancy. After a pregnancy, patients will come to us six weeks later for their postpartum visit. Many of these patients continue to come for their annual care. It turns out that about three-quarters of Dr. Silverstein’s patients who come for regular annual exams don’t have a regular medical doctor.

For older women, we send our patients for screening tests- women over 40 get sent for mammograms, women over 50 for colonoscopy, and other tests may be scheduled as they’re indicated.

If you are interested in a general exam in the New York area, contact MFM today at (212) 235-1335 to schedule an appointment.

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