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By on July 28, 2020

On the Healthful Woman podcast, Dr. Fox regularly interviews colleagues and members of the Maternal Fetal Medicine Associates team so audiences can get to know them. On the episode “I’m Dr. Melka, How Can I Help Ya!”, we were introduced to Dr. Stephanie Melka, a board certified OBGYN who joined MFM Associates in 2012. You can listen to the episode on or your preferred podcast platform, but here are a few highlights.  

Dr. Melka’s Path to Obstetrics and Gynecology  

In the episode, Dr. Melka explains a bit of her background and how she became interested in obstetrics and gynecology. Dr. Melka was interested in medicine from a young age. She earned a Bachelor of Science degree in chemistry and Russian studies at Muhlenberg College before attending medical school at SUNY Downstate in Brooklyn. While in medical school, Dr. Melka found that her OB/GYN rotation had the factors she was looking for in a career, offering her an opportunity to perform surgeries and medical procedures, take care of her patients, and create long-term relationships.  

Marathon Running and Pregnancy  

Dr. Melka and Dr. Fox also discuss her interests and life outside of her career, and how these end up influencing her practice in some way. Dr. Melka is an avid runner, and has completed 11 marathons and one triathlon. In addition to running marathons herself, Dr. Melka will coach other marathon runners, and finds that the experience mirrors coaching patients through labor and delivery.  

She has also found more sympathy and a unique perspective with patients after experiencing pregnancy and labor and delivery herself. She notes, however, that sharing her story is welcome with some patients, but every patient has their own experience and preferences with regards to pregnancy.  

Breastfeeding Medicine 

Finally, Dr. Melka shares that she has a unique interest in breastfeeding medicine. This is uncommon among OBGYN’s, but Dr. Melka finds that increasing her knowledge of breastfeeding is particularly helpful with patients who have a higher risk of breastfeeding failure. These higher risk patients commonly include those having twins or those with diabetes. Dr. Melka also notes that this interest in breastfeeding medicine was sparked after having a baby herself.  

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